Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase’s Keys To Success

By | January 12, 09

Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase’s Keys To Success

Success is not achieved by chance, but by doing certain things right. You may have read the success story of Sunny Obazu-obazu Ojeagbase, who, with no money or advance level education, built Nigeria’s most circulated and read sports newspaper, Complete Sports. You can read his success story again here if you haven’t already: Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase’s success story.

Success Story: Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase

Here are his keys to success:

Sunny’s First Key To Success: He Sought Financial Independence. This is the foundation of his success. When he came to the point he wasn’t no longer contented with his meagre pay as a low ranking army personnel, he started looking for other ways to make money legally and be able to provide for his family.

Although he went about it the wrong way the first time by engaging in pool betting, which left him poorer, more frustrated, it was nevertheless the desire to be freed from financial stagnation that he was in search of.

And fortunately for him, that search led him to come across the book, The seven laws of success by W. Herbert Armstrong, which positioned him in the path of success and changed his life for good.

Sunny’s Second Key To Success: He Applied The Knowledge He Got. Sunny did not give room to doubt about the workability of the ideas to achieving success that he read in the Seven Laws Of Success, neither did he allow procrastination to stop him from putting the ideas to work in his life.

Some other persons may have dispelled the keys to success in the book as something that would work only in America, the country of the book writer where there are infrastructures that work. But sunny was convinced it would work for him if he could do just as the book taught.

Sunny’s Third Key To Success: He Identified Where His Passion Lied. Following what he read from The seven laws of success, that one should find his passion and build a career in it, Sunny thought deep and discovered his passion was in journalism.

This enabled him to concentrate his resources and time in building a rewarding career and achieving success.

Sunny’s Fourth Key To Success: He Was Prepared To Be Retrained. Although sunny had been in the military for many years, subjected to the regimental lifestyle of the military, yet he was willing and ready to be retrained.

With an education that was no more than elementary schooling, Sunny was not intimidated or overwhelmed by the fact that he would need to take and pass some O/level papers to proceed to study journalism.

The huge sacrifice and commitment involved in changing career did not discourage him, rather his goal of becoming successful in life was so strong that he was prepared to do all that was needed to achieving it.

Sunny’s Fifth Key To Success: He Went To Gain Experience. Having successfully studied journalism, Sunny was been drawn closer to his goal. Now he needed to gain work experience by getting a job as a journalist, which did not come.

However, instead of been discouraged by not getting a regular job, he held on to his dream and began writing as a freelancer. This exposed his exceptional writing skill and dedication to work to the print media, which, not too long after, absorbed him.

If he hadn’t stayed with his resolve to be a journalist in spite of the difficult financial situation he was going through, and started off being a freelancer, perhaps he may not have later had the opportunity to get to the highest level of his profession.

Sunny’s Sixth Key To Success: He Was Never Content To Remain In The Same Level For Too Long. After getting to the peak of his career, Sunny longed to move higher.

That longing pushed him to resign his appointment as a Sports Editor with a leading Nigerian Newspaper, to set up his with the partnership of his wife.

Though he struggled to keep his business, Complete Communication Limited, running for many years, today the company is a phenomenal success.

Sunny’s Seventh Key To Success: He Found A Profitable Niche Market. Before Sunny began publishing only sports newspaper, there was none in Nigeria. Sports stories were usually sited at the back pages in newspapers, and were never detailed.

Sunny coming into this virgin terrain made his Paper the first on readers’ minds, and together with its consistent high quality, it has become the number one authority on sports news in Nigeria, with its market position remaining difficult to upset by competitors.


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