My Keys to Success – Tara Fela-Durotoye

By | November 18, 08

My Keys to Success – Tara Fela-Durotoye

Key to Success 1: My Faith

I’m a strong believer of faith. Because of my spiritual background I never allow challenges to determine what I dream about. I believe in stretching my faith and I know that the essence of going to Church and reading the Word over the years is to build-up my faith such that I can stand before the mountain and say, “This mountain, be thou moved and cast into the sea,” and it will happen the way I said it. I’m a big believer in such principles. This is helping me to match forward and not be limited by the everyday challenges that come up in running a business.

Key to Success 2: My Husband

My husband is a big dreamer. And if you live with a big dreamer you will find that before you know it you will have become a big dreamer yourself. Though I’ve not always been a mediocre person, but being married to him has made me even more of a big dreamer. He has background in business management and has affected me and how I see my business. He was a big influence in helping me to transform my hobby into a business.

Key to Success 3: My Tenacity

My tenacity to face challenges has enabled me to be able to stand up tough to difficulties until I find the solution.

Key to Success 4: My Brand

My Tara brand has enabled us to do a lot of things, and has given us the potential to be able to do a lot more in future. Who knows, you might be seeing Tara sun glasses in the future.

Key to Success 5: The People That Come My Way

I don’t make friends because I want to gain something from people, I will make friends with someone because I like them, otherwise I will not bother, even though they might be in a position to help me, but my friends have been very supportive to my business.

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