Book Review: Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time – Mark Victor Hansen And Robert G. Allen

By | October 27, 09

Book Review: Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time – Mark Victor Hansen And Robert G. Allen

I read the book, Cash In A Flash, with the rider Fast Money In Slow Time, authored by the duo of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, and it was simply amazing!Book Review: cash-in-a-flash

Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time is the newest book of the best selling authors who do not need any introduction, for their past work such as The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking The Millionaire Code, and Multiple Streams Of Income, which have sold in millions across the world speak volume for the quality of their books.

Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time couldn’t have come at a better time than now with the economic recession seemingly reducing the power of so many people to making money.

It is actually the authors’ answer for many who are wondering how they could make enough money to sustain their livelihood and live financially free. In this book, the authors show you strategies to use to make more income within 90 days from what you already have.

Very helpful is the book’s treatment of mind training, with lots of mental activities to help anyone overcome the negative voices that usually present millions of ways why what they are striving to achieve will not work, and so prevent most people from achieving their dreams in life.

The coverage and commitment the authors gave to helping their readers gain complete control of their minds, to be able to disregard any limiting thoughts that may come to them and move ahead to achieving success, is quit commendable.

And, it is a reflection of their expertise and experience as success coach, and of course their passion to helping people live financially successful. For without first and foremost dealing with that “negative voice” that will always come to stop us from going ahead with our plans to achieve our goals, we will never be able to realize our dreams, and that’s where the majority of people anywhere in the world are shut out of success!

There is no doubt about it, if you are searching for how you can increase your income in 90 days or less as Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen promised in the book, I believe you will be able to achieve it with the knowledge and experience you already have.

Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time is written in the same “two-books-in-one” as in One Minute Millionaire, with the left-hand pages providing step-by-step instructions to developing the millionaire mindset and building wealth, while the right-hand pages offer fictional narrative (story of Michelle from The One Minute Millionaire) to drive home key points.

Here is an excerpt of Hansen and Allen’s newest book, Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Time, enjoy it!

The Three Key Ingredients: Wow Now, Inner Winner, Dream Team

If you look through any ordinary cookbook, you’ll discover that there are a few basic, essential ingredients that are found in almost every recipe. Most dessert recipes contain sugar. Many breakfast recipes contain eggs. The majority of recipes contain flour or salt or butter.

No matter which recipe you select, there will be three or four key ingredients. They form the foundation of every recipe. If you try to leave out any of these key ingredients, your creation will likely fall flat, and in the end you will fail.

When it comes to financial success, what are the key ingredients? They are simple yet profound. We’ll touch on the three key ingredients briefly in this chapter and revisit them in the chapters that follow.

The First Key Ingredient

Although it seems obvious, the first key ingredient in every recipe is a clear vision of what you are trying to create. We don’t know about you, but we both find it easier to follow a cooking recipe when we can see a picture of what the ultimate dish will look like after it comes out of the oven. We can more easily imagine it – taste it, smell it, experience it – as we try to recreate it. Do you have an image of the lifestyle you are attempting to create?

Any book on success will tell you the importance of imagining your ultimate objective. Although this is important, we’d like to share with you our “secret sauce” when it comes to visioning.

It’s a process that we call Wow Now.

Have you ever been wowed by something you experienced in your past? Scan back and remember something that blew you away. Maybe it was a special moment in an important/meaningful relationship. Maybe it was the experience of receiving a unique reward or extraordinary acknowledgement. Maybe it was the birth of a child. Maybe it was a well-earned accomplishment – a diploma, a degree, or a certification. What was it about that experience that knocked your socks off?

As you remember that special experience, we encourage you to remember it more vividly. Remember it as if it was happening again, right now. Remember what it felt like – what it feels like. Remember what sounds were (are) going on all around you.

Remember what you smelled, what you tasted, what you saw. See, smell and taste it. Step into that special memory that you begin to notice details that escaped you the first time. Make the colors more vivid. Remember part of it more precisely. Make it more real than you remembered it.

Why do this?

This is excellent practice for a visioning process we call “virtualization.”
It’s more intense than visualization, which just uses visual inputs. To virtualize it, you imagine it in all five senses – as if you were virtually experiencing it. This drives the memory deeper into your psyche. It imprints your brain and body with what it feels like to be living your ideal lifestyle. It makes it more real.

Scan forward in your mind to five years in the future. Skip over your current money worries and income challenges. Fast-forward through your credit card pressures and short-term cash crunches. Imagine living your ultimate lifestyle of financial freedom – of freedom in every sense. Freedom to live the life of your dreams. Never mind how you might have accomplished such a lifestyle. Just imagine that you’ve found an honest and ethical way to achieve your dreams.

Imagine what kind of house you live in. Walk up to the front door, open it, and walk inside. Imagine what you might see as you enter. A chandelier? A grand staircase? An open view to the ocean?

It’s your dream, so imagine it exactly the way you want. Smell something cooking in the kitchen. Your favorite recipe! As you walk down the hall toward the kitchen, feel the flooring beneath your feet. Is it wood? Or carpet? Or marble? Follow your nose toward where the chef has created a masterpiece for your taste buds. You enter the kitchen and the chef offers you a taste on a silver utensil. It’s even better than you thought! You smell deeply. How delicious!

You absorb yourself in the sensations of your surroundings. You’ve created a space where the best of your love of life can grow and flourish. You hear music. The sound of laughter. The warmth of a crackling fire. The view out to the back lawn. Down to the stream or river or ocean or lake or forest or golf course. Step into the image as if you were experiencing it now in all five senses.

Wander the rooms of the home in your dream lifestyle. Notice how every room is a special place for the special people in your life. What kind of relationships do you want to nurture and enhance? Whom do you picture enjoying each room? Your home is the center of your world. From this center, your influence spreads to bless those around you.

See it. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it. Hear it. Make it virtually real. As if it had already happened. Now, heighten your visualization and ask yourself the following questions.

Whom did I build this for?
Why did I build it?
Where did I build it?
What did I build?
When did I build it?

Don’t concern yourself with how you did it. For now, just imagine having already achieved it.

Without question, it’s fun to imagine the ingredients of an ideal lifestyle. But that’s not the only reason we do it. There’s a deeper reason.

There is an unwanted ingredient that most people add to the recipe of their life that ruins almost every meal. That dangerous ingredient is fear. Fear is a destroyer. Fear entices you to vividly imagine the worst possible outcome.

How real are your fears? Have you ever hesitated moving toward your goals? Have you ever been burned by the fear of rejection?

Has the fear of failure ever stopped you? Just the thought of failure can cause even a courageous person to hesitate. These fears are real! Your palms sweat. The bile in your stomach starts to burn. Your brain goes blank.

Your heart begins to pound like a bass drum. The voices in your head begin to shout, “You can’t do it. You’ve never done anything like this before. Who do you think you are?”

You feel it. You hear it. You smell it. You taste it. You see it. Most of us experience our fears in all five senses! That’s why fear is so real. Fear is intense. Fear is absorbing. Fear virtually seizes every cell in your body. Are your dreams more real than that? Most of your dreams are just fleeting fantasies-nice images of possibly positive outcomes. But do they wow you?

This is the secret. For you to achieve your dreams…

Your dreams must be more real than your fears!
If your dreams don’t wow you, then they aren’t real enough to combat the fears that will eventually arise to stop you. Your dreams must be more real than your fears. Your dreams must be connected to your soul. They must excite you. Simply thinking about them must cause you to stay awake at night.

When a fear comes in contact with such a dream, the fear itself must be wowed into submission.

Therefore, when we say Wow Now, we mean for you to go out into the future and create a vision that wows you. The first step in this wow process is to visualize your ideal dream lifestyle. Make it as real as possible – in all five senses.
In part one, we’ll teach you more powerful techniques to more quickly turn your now into wow.

The Second Key Ingredient

The second key ingredient in any success recipe – from better health to greater wealth – is to make friends with your Inner Winner. There is an inner world inside all of us that few people have learned how to manage. Are you aware of what is going on in there?

As we speak to audiences around the world, we ask a few simple questions.
“How many of you have a critical voice-a nagging, negative part of you that often brings you down?” The vast majority of every audience raises their hands. Then, we ask, “How many of you have a true voice – a part of you that whispers to you, encourages you, supports you, leads you in the right direction?” Once again, most everyone raises their hands.

Everyone has at least two inner voices. All of us have a nagging, negative, or critical voice that tries to talk us out of almost everything that we do to better our lives. Have you ever berated yourself for thinking about doing something to improve your life and then gotten down on yourself for not doing it? We call this the Inner Whiner.

How prevalent is this critical self? Experts say that everyone has one – although this critical voice is louder in some of us than in others. If you were to listen in on the conversations that people have with themselves incessantly throughout the day, you’d wonder how anyone got anything done.

Where does this critical voice come from? There are dozens of psychological theories. Did it come with you at birth? Is this part of your personality? Is it your anti-self? Frankly, who knows? No matter where it originates, one thing is certain: this critical voice definitely affects your life – primarily for the negative. It slows you down, sometimes even stops you.

What about that other voice – your true voice? Have you ever had a hunch where you just knew something was going to happen? Have you ever heard a faint whisper encouraging you to do something that would be good for you? Have you ever found yourself being nudged toward something positive or away from something negative? Most likely this was your Inner Winner.

Sometimes we don’t hear our Inner Winner because the Inner Whiner is so loud. You’ll be amazed at what you hear when you become more attentive to your true voice. Your true voice is your friend. That still, small voice you hear wants you to win, to succeed, to triumph.

Could it be that most of us are held back in our pursuit of success by an inner critic that talks us out of it? Could it be that the most successful among us have learned how to silence their critical voice, while listening more to their true voice?

The really interesting question to ask yourself is: where are these voices? Generally speaking, the critical voice is heard in your mind. It’s a “mind” voice. The Inner Winner, your true voice, is heard in your heart. It’s a voice you feel in your heart.

Throughout this book, we’ll teach you techniques to remove the unwanted ingredients from the field of your mind – such as the bitter messages from the critical voice.

And in Part Two we’ll show you how to add the second essential ingredient to your recipe for success – learning to notice the sweet assuring heart whispers from your true voice, your Inner Winner.

The Third Key Ingredient

In America today, there are more that twenty-four million separate businesses. Less than 2 percent of those businesses take in more than a million dollars a year in gross revenue. The vast majority of entrepreneurial enterprises are solopreneurs – sixteen million businesses that are operated by a single proprietor. Most of these solopreneurs are men.

But women are coming on strong.

Here is a shocking statistic: as many as 95 percent of the businesses that launch today will be out of business within five years. There are a lot of reasons for the high failure rate, but in our experience, one of the key reasons is that most entrepreneurs don’t know how to team up.

The odds of going it alone – of solopreneuring your way to financial freedom – are not promising. To say it bluntly, the solo way can be said this way: so low! The success rate is so low and the failure rate is so high, it’s foolish to go solo.

We see bright spots on the horizon of entrepreneurship. In the past decade, the fastest-growing segment of the business world has been made up of women entrepreneurs. This is the century for women entrepreneurs. Women find it more natural to team their way up to success.

One of our mentors, Dr. Stephen Covey, teaches that there are three stages of maturity on the continuum of success:

Dependence – Independence – Interdependence

In our opinion, many women find themselves at either end of the spectrum. They’re familiar with being depended upon by their young children and often find themselves dependent on an outside source of income – a job, a spouse, public assistance. But most women have successfully achieved the third stage of interdependence. Why? Women are more people-friendly. They know how to support and be supported by a wide array of female friends.

Men are usually stuck in the middle – to a fault. They’re too independent. They want to do it by themselves. It’s the American tradition: they want to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Their theme song is Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” That’s the male way.

Women are much more team-oriented. This is good, because it is essential. You need a team. In The One Minute Millionaire we called it a Dream Team. The forming of a tight group of like-minded people is the third key ingredient to your success.

Our literary agent is Jillian Manus. This book would not exist without her. She’s incredible. When we asked her about the most essential ingredient to her amazing success, she replied without hesitation, “My Broad Squad.” This is the name she uses to describe her women’s group, made up of highly successful women who go to extreme lengths to support each other.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about the power of the mastermind. Whether you call your group a Mastermind, a Dream Team, a Chick Clique, a Guy Tribe, a Dude Crew, a Bro Patrol, or a Broad Squad isn’t important. What is important is to decide to form such a group. The forming of a support team is as essential an ingredient to your entrepreneurial activities as flour is to a rich chocolate cake.

We’ve done special research with women to capture the essence of how women entrepreneurs bond to make results happen. We’ve also drawn heavily on women’s microcredit groups worldwide.

After thirty years of experience, Muhammad Yunus’s microcredit movement has discovered that the ideal number of women per group is never less than five and never more than six.

When we get to later chapters, we’ll share with you how to find, form, and perpetuate your team – your own Broad Squad, Guy Tribe, or Dream Team.

Once your team is functioning, we’ll teach you strategies for earning rapid streams of income. Then, as an enlightened entrepreneur, we encourage you to “send the elevator back down.” Transfer your new skills to other groups of men and women who are searching for a way up.

So let’s review the three key ingredients:

• Wow Now. Make your dreams more real than your fears. Experience your ideal future now. No matter what you’re experiencing now, your goal is to find the wow in it. We want to wow your soul and make your pocketbook grow.

• Inner Winner. Learn how to befriend your Inner Winner and silence your Inner Whiner.

• Dream Team. Create as quickly as possible a unique support team – your own unique Broad Squad or Guy Tribe – that will guide you toward your dreams, in the shortest and easiest way possible.

Before we begin our moneymaking adventure into the Wow Now, Inner Winner, and Dream Team, let’s explain the bird on the cover of this book – the hummingbird.

What comes to your mind when you think of a hummingbird? Speed. Agility. Flexibility. Boundless energy. The hummingbird is the perfect example of making the nearly impossible appear quite effortless. Have you ever known someone like that? Does this describe you? By the time you’re finished reading this book, we hope you’ll begin to identify and access your “inner hummingbird”.

The hummingbird is a multitasker – feeding and buzzing off to the next responsibility with lightning speed. It hovers and darts from project to project, focusing intently on the nectar that’s needed, and then speeding off to insert itself into the next project with intensity.

It can fly up, down, sideways, and backward with amazing flexibility. But one of the most powerful and little-known aspects of the hummingbird is the speed at which it learns and can be trained. And if anything is needed in today’s rapidly evolving world it is the ability to acquire and assimilate new ideas. Our modern world requires speed.

Information is multiplying exponentially, and we have a need to assimilate new information and convert it into usable daily food.

In this book, we’ll be sharing dozens of new ways of thinking and acting in today’s ever-changing world. Five hundred years ago, the world sped up dramatically as Gutenberg created the printing press. In the past twenty years, the digital age is causing the next massive revolution.

A lot of people will feel dislocated and disoriented as we go from one iteration to the next. The world is speeding up. It will take all of your hummingbird instincts to keep up with it.

In addition, the world of money is becoming increasingly volatile. Almost every traditional moneymaking method has recently suffered substantial shocks. Is there such a thing as a secure job anymore? What about the stock market? The real estate market? The bond market? The arena for small business? Where is a safe haven for your money?

Although today’s turbulent economy might cause you to wonder whether financial freedom is still possible, we assure you that the three essential ingredients in the recipe for financial freedom will never change. Yes, you can still become financially successful!

There are many ways to create cash although some of them may be unfamiliar to you. Throughout this book, we’ll share with you our best financial recipes for times like these.
Now that you’re beginning to understand these three essential ingredients, let’s explore some specific recipes to rapid financial freedom.

Recommended Resource

This is a great book by all standard, and I very much gladly recommend it to you if you are looking for strategies and ways to generate more income and boost your finances.


Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times
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